The Pursuit of Precision





Lead Designer


Makeda Matheson

Jessica Burton

The problem:

Zenith Watches has a great history of tradition, which makes the brand seem antiquated and not so appealing to younger audiences. 

As a first approach to native advertising, Zenith’s brief was to spread brand awareness and showcase values on which the brand was established, while showing the modern and innovative side of the company and their products.


The concept was to present three articles in a magazine styled website, focusing on the brand's values, legacy, and the people behind it. This focus on the human stories aligned with our agency's core values and helped us understand the client's vision.

I started by doing an audit of the existing site and gathering footage and links for all the content that had been produced by the client. I then started creating wireframes that would allow for a responsive grid across all dimensions.


I worked to provide the client with visual design options that aligned with the primary goals of highlighting the theme of "precision". I aimed for a simple layout where the video content was embedded with the static content, with minimal visual distractions.

The look and feel of the photography was something the client felt very strongly about. It was important to show Zenith as a modern brand in a traditional industry. This was achieved by keeping all imagery in black and white and focusing on the people who made the brand.

Instead of the stereotypical shots of watchmakers seen everywhere, the goal was to show them in a lighter and more casual way. I created the guidelines for the photography and video to ensure the content would have consistency and would fit the writing.