Although I try to keep my Summer free and hide from the sun as much as I can, I managed to book a ton of things for the month!

It’s odd to see my calendar filled on almost every single day until September. I find that when I’m busy, I keep busy. I get more done as a result of being a bit frantic and on the move so often!

01. Heading to Edinburgh for my first Fringe Festival! After hearing so much about it for years, I'm looking forward to the many shows I'll get to see! Calendar for my stay there is already pretty packed!

02. I get to spend some time with my family this month! So although I’m away for some of it, I'll be back in London for the rest and will get to host my parents and sister, who haven't visited for quite a long time.

03. Visiting Ireland! Another first for me this month, I'm going to Dublin for a long weekend with the family. We're keeping some days free to just explore and will do a few tours too, to get the most out of our short time there. So excited to finally visit!

03. Have some reflection time. I feel like this year has passed by in a bit of a blur, and I haven’t had much time to take it all in. I guess I just want to spend some time doing my usual bits and bobs for awhile, and just settling in to normal life.

04. I’m thinking about getting a couple of new tattoos this year, so I'm doing research ahead of the winter to get inspired and find some cool artists to try!