As much as I adore travelling, I always feel incredibly happy to be at home – it’s a good feeling, I think, looking forward to your everyday life!

I gave myself a bit of a break whilst I was away, I wanted to come back feeling refreshed and excited to embrace the harmony of my routines. I’ve missed dinners at home, working away at my desk, evenings with the kitty and having all my beauty products in one place! I’ve always been a homebody, and I’ve always seen it as a positive – being happy in my own company, enjoying the simple things. Sometimes I think the best part of going out is coming home… is that an okay thing to say?

Admittedly, I’m not the best routine-keeper but I love the idea of sticking to a schedule, and my life at home is definitely more ordered than when I’m on the move! As long as I can avoid my bed, the fridge and Netflix.

I’ve always loved how peaceful I feel in my own company, the way I can amuse myself with work or reading or drawing. I spend a lot of time with Iz or friends, but I know I’m equally as happy doing my own thing. It’s a good trait to have, being totally comfortable on your own.

Travelling brings about a lot of hectic days, and a lot of time spent with other people, which means I always seem to get a bit of an introverts hangover afterwards. I can be chatty for as long as I want to be, but I need that downtime afterwards to recharge my batteries and, I don’t know… just have some thoughts and feelings to myself.

A lot of my time at home is spent getting my life in order. I find when I’m away a lot, or just busy in general, everything sort of takes a back seat and then I have to tackle it when I have time.

It feels good to get through my to-do list at my own pace, and I feel better for it too!