Lead Designer


James Sharpe

David Moores

The problem:

To European audiences, Lexus isn't seen as the leader luxury brand and has a rather corporate appearance.


The goal of this campaign was to raise brand awareness by showcasing Lexus' core values through real stories of inspirational people, whose craft directly direct to components of the latest Lexus LS vehicles.


I worked closely with the developer through the whole end-to-end process. 

I took the design from conception through to delivery - including strategy, concepting, prototyping and team management. 

I started by visiting the Lexus European headquarters in Brussels to speak with the client and experience the Lexus LS car in detail. There I managed to gather the necessary research and photographic material for the campaign.


The client had expressed the desire for a modern look, with a focus on the Japanese values present on the Lexus products. Based on these points, I developed the concept of experiencing the different elements found on the Lexus LS - such as the welcoming lighting, the emmersing sound and the attention to detail seen in the textures and materials used.

There are a total of four themes to explore - Craftsmanship, Technology, Design and Performance. Each are represented by a texture, which the user can illuminate by moving the mouse. This symbolises the welcoming light present in the Lexus LS.


I defined the look and feel of the campaign in the initial stages of the project, which ensured consistency in the colour grading of both the static content and the video.

By working closely with the producer and video team, I was able to take ownership of the art direction before and after the shoot. By producing an extremely detailed style guide and photography guidelines, I made sure there was full clarity on the objectives of the content, both visual and written.