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CNN International

Emma Mealy

Piers Rueb

Martin Dutton

A new product to help with in-market sales, a cost effective solution to prompt high quantity sales in tourism, cuisine, travel, business and events for middle to small budget campaigns.


Within CNN International Commercial, the business was often approached to build simple sponsored content pages as quickly as possible. This, of course, demanded time from the Design and Development teams and would require a higher budget.

As a solution to this, I worked on the proposal of a new product - built with a Content Management System and fully designed. This would allow anyone in the team, outside Designers and Developers, to quickly build the sponsored content article pages, and consequently, allow the Design and Development teams to focus on bigger, more bespoke, projects.

Since the goal of this product was to offer a solution to the business need for "quick to turn-around" pages, the idea was to offer a package that would be as complete as possible - containing branding, digital, video and social. A series of templates for the branding, social graphics and animated graphics were to be created.


There was a need for some flexibility in the page layout, so a component approach would be the preferred route (with guidelines for best practice to be given to the content managers).


Due to the nature of the content to display, three themes were defined - Discover, Access and Engage.


Each page is formed by a series of components, some being specific to the theme but the majority being universal through the three themes - in this case only cosmetic changes would apply, keeping the same framework.

Because of the main objective of this product was to be quick to turn around, without the use of creative resource, these pages would be created through a CMS by a Content Manager, with only written guidance by the designers.


The first theme, Discover, was created to cater to travel destination & food content. This would present a campaign solution for travel and tourism clients.


As the focal point of the visual concept and branding is the idea of a folded paper map. This concept is flexible to allow for different lengths of client names.


Access was created to cater to corporate brands & businesses. A campaign solution for small to medium sized business clients with a startup, modern vision.

The visual identity created was inspired by the layout and look of traditional business cards, as well as the use moving lines relates to the corporate concepts.


The last theme tackled was Engage, to cater for events, conventions & festivals. This campaign offers pages with variations for before and after the event.


The visual identity created had basis on the idea of a calendar, as this theme is so very connected with the idea of specific dates of the events.