Senior Designer

CNN International

I was hired at CNN digital as the Senior Designer for the International product. The range of work over the three years I was part of the team was deep and full of unexpected opportunities. The cross between product and editorial design was an incredibly rewarding one, with limitless possibilities. 


While working at CNN Digital I worked closely with the Creative Director on the rebrand and relaunch of the style section. This was a transition to a full editorial vertical, so the goal was to evolve the brand and reinforce its placement across CNN's digital platforms. 

The newly created website provides news and features on themes like fashion, design, architecture and arts, with a focus on the luxury sector, making it stand distinctively alongside the rest of CNN's digital offerings. 


There was an opportunity to bring in a brand new typographical approach to help further establish the Style brand - hence why the CNN Stencil font was created. We worked with an incredible typographer to create a highly legible custom font to strengthen the brand.


This product is strongly image-led, focusing on a long-scroll screen with a black background, which makes it stand out from the majority of the other sub-sites, which have a white background and are significantly more text-heavy.

Strong photography is a central part of CNN Style. We took care in considering usability and the site's structure to display amazing imagery – showing the striking images as wide and predominantly as possible we could give users an truly immersive experience.

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